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Folder differences for creating a patch set

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  • Folder differences for creating a patch set

    I am trying to find a little better way to get a set of files that need to go into a patch program (exe).

    Location A has the “source” files, meaning they the correct files. Location B has an older version of the files, these need to be updated. I don’t want to push the files there directly though. What I want to do is get the difference in Location C. I then package up the Location C files into an installer and apply to Location B. Then I can re-diff A vs B to make sure the patch worked as expected. I repeat this process over and over with two sets/sessions of A, B, C locations. That’s why the “copy to folder” having session scoped memory would help. Right now “copy to folder” is global and as I change sessions i need to make sure when I “copy to folder” i pick the correct "Location C".

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    Thanks for the feedback. I have added this to our Customer Wishlist. We would be interested in hearing feedback from our customers on if they have run into similar issues or how they would expect a feature like this to be offered.
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      I would propose a hybrid. It makes sense to make the "copy to folder" destination sticky within a saved session. When using "copy to folder" for the very first time within a session in which "copy to folder" has not yet been used, however, it still makes sense to recall the most recently used "copy to folder" destination (as if it were a global setting).
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