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RMB Folder compare issue when selecting 3+ folders right window panel

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  • RMB Folder compare issue when selecting 3+ folders right window panel

    From a big list of subfolders, I want to compare just 4 with 4 elsewhere on my system (also in between a number of other folders).

    I would then proceed as flws:
    select the rootfolder and select the 4 of its subfolders from the right window panel of Explorer.

    RMB compare does not work.
    It does with 1 (it shows select left folder to compare)
    When selecting 2 folders: it shows "compare" only
    3 or more, it does not show anything at all.

    Is this correct?

    Also I cannot drag the folders into Beyond Compare, so they wud be listed as 'left folders'.

    How am I to proceed in such cases.

    X:\Rootfolder (with many subfolders)
    ---- subfolder6
    ---- subfolder7
    ---- subfolder9

    compare these with 4 other folders elsewhere ..


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    Beyond Compare only supports a single "base folder". In this case you would either need to:
    1) Set the base folder as Rootfolder and use Filters to hide the other subfolders
    2) Set the base folder to subfolder 3, and then have 4 different Folder Compare sessions (one for each: subfolder3, 6, 7, 9.)

    One quick way to use filters: set Rootfolder as your base folder, select just the items you want to show and right click them, then Exclude them. Then go to your Session menu -> Session Settings, Name Filters tab. Copy and paste the auto-generated text representing your 4 folders from the Exclude section into the Include section.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Many thanks. I need to write this down somewhere . . .
      It worked, though I have to confess, I would not have figured this out myself.

      What you are describing, I guess/hope that maybe one day it will be built into BC.. ?

      Thanks again!


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        Adding features like this is on our Customer Wishlist. Our wishlist is not currently scheduled development but a place our developers go to for ideas for future versions.
        Aaron P Scooter Software