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Put dragged file/directory into invisible pane?

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  • Put dragged file/directory into invisible pane?

    Assume I have a desktop with 7 open windows (from prgms like WinExplorer, MS Word, notepad, ....). Some (most) of these windows are in foreground and cover the Beyond compare window. Only a small part (from one half) of BCs comparison window is visible.

    Now I want to drag 2 files/folders for file/folder compare onto BCs window.
    The first file/folder is taken and put into the let say left half of the comparison window.

    Now I mark the second file/folder in Winexplorer and drag it as well to BCs window.

    Unfortunately BC is putting it in the same half as the last one.
    So I have (very cumbersome) to re-arrange all the windows, drag them aside to get free view onto the other half pane. This is unhandy.

    What I need is a BC feature like that:

    If BC receives a dragged file/folder within lets say 120 seconds after the first one then BC should put it automatically into the other half (and even better: auto-start comparison afterwards).

    Can this be included in the next release?

    Thank you

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    Before dropping the second hold it above the BC taskbar icon. This should bring BC to front, so you can drop the second at the correct side.

    Greetings Lutz


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      Hello Peter,

      Thanks for the suggestion. Our current behavior considers the side the folder is dropped on as important and it is unlikely we will be changing this in the current design. A couple of suggestions I can think of:

      1) If you drag the second folder to the taskbar and do not let go of the mouse click, this will bring the BC3 window to the top as a generic Windows feature, allowing you to then drop the folder anywhere on the window.
      2) If you use the shell extension, you can right click on the first folder instead of dragging it. Select to "Select left folder to compare". Then go to your right folder and right click it to "Compare To (left folder name)". This will then launch a BC3 folder compare with those two folders.

      How do either of these suggestions work for you? Please let us know if you have any questions.
      Aaron P Scooter Software