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BC 3.0.2 & BC 3.2.4 VERY UNUSUAL SLOW Sync W764bits

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  • BC 3.0.2 & BC 3.2.4 VERY UNUSUAL SLOW Sync W764bits

    Dear all,

    I have been using Beyond compare since version 3.0.2, under windows xp.

    When i do a folder sync, the comparison is very fast, as usual, even with large amount of files and size.

    But when i do a mirror, or another way to sync, the sync is VERY VERY slow.
    It is not because of CRC or other advanced comparison options.

    When i copy files from Windows, it is very fast, so there is something wrong here, even if i know BC is supposed to use the same copy system as windows.

    I tried with my "old" 3.0.2 and 3.2.4, both provides the same SLOW speed copying. To describe the effect more, the copy is not very slow to copy data, but it stops for a long 2-3 seconds before starting another copy. It is quite strange.

    Do you have any ideas?

    I have always been very satisfied in the past of BC, now i don't know what to do, as i know competitors softwares could be faster, but not as good and easy to use as BC.
    Thank you for your help

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    BC3.2.4 is running on a Windows 7 64bit machine, and you are copying local files (c:\) to a destination. What type of destination are you copying to?

    When you try your "old" 3.0.2 test, is that on your Win7 machine or your old WinXP machine that you notice it is also slow?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I have been using both BC 3.0.2 & BC 3.2.4 on Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits, english version (if relevant).

      What I am synchronizing is data between a Local D: drive to a USB2 drive, using the mirror function, and no CRC comparison.

      When I was using it in the past with XP I had no problem. I had no problem also before with windows 7 on other machine.

      On the machine I am using now, I was under XP pro SP3, and everything was fine, but problems started to occur about last month. All my machine started to work on a slow pace, so I decided to reinstall my machine, this time switching to windows 7 (after 18 months without reinstall, it is quite normal I think).

      But the problem is the same as before, except my PC is running fast, and with SP1 of Windows 7, the copy of files using windows is faster than before (compared to another machine under windows 7 without SP1).

      I have been using Talent copy also, both for Xp and W7 sometime, but as far as I know, Talent Copy is not replacing the copy function of windows, just using another one, but only when requested.

      I tried to uninstall Talent Copy and registry clean my windows, then reboot, but the problem is the same. Copy of file is not slow, but BC make a break 5 seconds before continuing sync operations.

      Synchronizing gigs of data was very fast before. Now, just some music files and it's a pain to sync.

      Any help or input is appreciated while I am still pondering for solutions.

      Thanks to all


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        Dear all,

        I have found what is the problem. Hum, you will laugh... My USB cable was the problem, yes...

        I tried to compare the speed with another hard drive, and i didn't had any speed issue, so i changed cable, thinking it was stupid, well yes and no, as it worked.

        Problem solved, i come back to BC 3.2.4. Sorry for the inconvenience. I thought my BC was faulty, well, no, BC never deceived me so far, and it is still the same today. I just need to change my cable.

        Have a nice day to you all.