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Dreamweaver and Daylight Savings Time Synchronization

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  • Dreamweaver and Daylight Savings Time Synchronization

    I use Dreamweaver CS5 with Beyond Compare for file comparisons. I notice that after we switch to/from daylight savings time, the thousands of files in each of my client's sites become un-synchronized between the server and my local repository. I realize this is due to the timestamp (apparently the web hosting server is either not adjusting for DST, or not doing so on the newer dates we now toggle DST).

    Even if I'm careful about not making any actual changes leading up to the DST toggle dates, Dreamweaver seems to have no way for me to select the entire content tree and say, "mark as synchronized". (I know I can do this after I run the "synchronize" function, but that can take hours to complete.) I need a quicker way of finding (and sync'ing if necessary) only the files that truly are different - that is, more than just their timestamp.

    I wonder if anyone else is bumping into this problem and has come up with a good solution using Beyond Compare. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    We have a KB article that goes into some detail on how to Ignore or Fix daylight savings issues:

    Does this help address your questions?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, Aaron. I'll give that a shot!