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  • Backup Eyeballing Blues

    Hi, all. Is there a way to make a folder comparison that shows only those files (regardless of filename) that exist on one partition but not on the other, as measured by binary or CRC comparison? As far as I can tell, BC3 insists on showing all files that have differing filenames, even if their contents are identical.

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    No, BC3 aligns either on Folder Structure and File name, or just File name if folder structure is ignored. We do not currently support aligning files based on content.

    We do have a method in BC3 Pro to align based on different file names using Alignment Overrides (logical rules defining differences in file names). Example: *.png = *.jpg where the * is an equal part of the file name. But this requires the user to know the difference in the name and then define it manually.
    Aaron P Scooter Software