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  • show older file in grey

    Currently my settings for Beyond Compare shows both the newer and older comparison files in red. I want to have the older file show in grey and the newer in red. I'm sure the solution is obvious, but I can find it in either the help or menu items.


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    The behavior you describe is the default behavior. Older Files should show up as gray and Newer files should show up as red. Both files will be red if the timestamp is the same, but a Difference (size, etc) is detected. If you disable the timestamp comparison, then both files will also show up as red.

    Please make sure that timestamp comparisons are enabled in the Session menu -> Session Settings -> Comparison tab.

    Are your colors currently customized to show this behavior? You can double check by going to the Folder Compare -> View menu -> Legend to view the currently assigned colors. If Older file is not gray, then was changed in the Tools menu -> Options, Folder Views, Compare Colors. Use the Factory Defaults button to revert to the default behavior.

    Does this help narrow down if the comparison is marking both files as red, or if the color has been customized? Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That solved it. Thanks.