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Ability to export results to Excel

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  • Ability to export results to Excel


    Having completed a compare of two files I'd like to be able to export the results in csv or xls format. Ideally I'd like to export just the diffs:
    - Values in file A
    - Values in file B
    - It would be ideal to see the differences as well

    Is anyone able to advise me if this is possible?


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    If you have compared CSV files and made edits to one side or the other, you can perform a Save As to save that CSV file. We do not support saving or editing XLS files.

    Our report formats only support output into plain text, HTML, or the Printer.

    If you are in the Data Compare, you can use the Display Filters to show Only Differences, then perform a Select All, copy, and paste into Excel.

    Alternatively, you can also open your files in the Text Compare and perform similar steps. To open Excel in the Text Compare, you will need an additional file format:

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the reply.

      When I'm in a Data Compare and perform Select All, Copy and Paste it only copies data from one of the files and you loose all formatting / highlighting of differences.

      If I want to have a record of what has changed I have to:
      1. Filter o differences only
      2.Copy the differences of file one from Data Compare as you have suggested.
      3.Copy the dfferences from file second file.
      4. Manually do a diff in Excel to show what the differences are there.

      Is there a way to record / report the differences in a cleaner / more automated fashion? I need to be able to report all of my differeces as test evidence of pre and post file versions.



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        Hi Richard,

        Have you tried using the "Session > Data Compare Report" command? If select "HTML report" as the output type, it will export with colored differences. If you want the report as XLS, open the HTML file in Microsoft Excel, then do a Save As of type XLS.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          I wasn't aware of the Data Compare Report functionality. Exporting HTML reports (and being able to open those in Excel) meets my needs of exporting results from compares.

          Many thanks,