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  • Folder Compare report

    How can I get the Folder Compare report with differences for each file.
    I mean a list of different files in 2 folders, when under file name there will be differencies, then the next file, etc.

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    We have two main report types, a Folder Report and a File Report. From a Folder Compare session, you can generate either a Folder level report or File level report. To show the differences within a set of files, select them. Then from the Actions menu -> File Comparison Report to generate a report showing the contents of the selected files. If a folder or archive is selected, then this command is hidden.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I know the prior post is old, but the behavior is still in the current release.

      I would like to generate a difference report between 2 versions of a project. There are dozens of files with differences, in different directories.

      I understand now, that I can INDIVIDUALLY select each of the files (or select all of them and unselect the folders), and generate a differences report with each file's differences listed.

      But that's kind of a pain.

      Why not retain the Actions / File Report and do one of the following:
      1. provide differences on the SELECTED files (excluding any selected directories)
      2. provide differences on the SELECTED files, INCLUDING files with differences in any SELECTED folders
      3. provide differences on all files with differences, including subdirectories

      The existing logic is frustrating if I have a large project and want to do this more than, say, once.
      I think my preference is 2, 1, 3. I think 3 might be actively undesirable, but totally understandable.


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        Thanks for the reminder. Allowing Actions > File Compare Report when folders are selected is still on our todo list for a future version.

        In the current version, using Edit > Expand All, Edit > Select All Files, then Actions > File Compare Report is the best workaround.
        Chris K Scooter Software