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    In addition, you can Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click multiple folders or items, and then exclude them all at once by right clicking on one of the selected items.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Would like to get back on this one: though the 'exclude' way is working, it does require extra workload when drives with many (7000+) subfolders are involved.

      Personally I hope the previously suggested way will also be considered to be implemented. Think this is more 'direct'.
      Less chance on making an error and accidentally exclude too many subfolders, requiring to go back and start over again.

      Just a suggestion...


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        Thanks for the suggestion. It is on our Customer Wishlist.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I create artificial "root" directories by using junctions for commonly recurring compares.


          Sys A has a big drive H:
          Sys B has 2 smaller drives H: and I:

          I want to compare select directories on A and B, but because of the 2 drives on Sys B, there is no common root.

          So I create a directory C:\!MyDirs on Sys A, and create junctions within !MyDirs to point to the directories on H: that I want to include (e.g., subdirs H1, H2, H7, H13,...).

          I create a directory C:\!MyDirs on Sys B, and create junctions within !MyDirs to point to the directories on H: *and* I: that I want to include -- obviously, the subdirs that correspond to what I selected as junctions for Sys A.

          Then I use BC to compare C:\!MyDirs on Sys A to C:\!MyDirs on Sys B.


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            Don't worry, the guys at Scooter Software are constantly improving their already magnificant software. I am sure that, maybe one day ..., you will be able to select multiple folders from the context menu and compare them with other folders, or drag and drop them onto a Multifolder Sync-button within Beyond Compare....


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              I know this is not so high on the priority list, so I'd like to 'bump' this topic a bit up..

              What about to allow users to just manually add a folders in the "Right folder:" box, something like:

              Left folder: D:\folder\subfolder
              Right folder: X:\Folder\Subfolder|Y:\Folder\Subfolder|Z:\Folder\ Subfolder

              or have a kind of 'Add folder' button under the Right folder box

              Just an idea...
              Keep up the good work.



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                Thanks for the bump and feedback. This still isn't an implemented feature, but it is still on our Customer Wishlist and I'll add your notes to our entry.
                Aaron P Scooter Software


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                  The above suggestion is about easily combining multiple sessions into 1 session, i.e. sync or compare one source with multiple destination folders as 1 session on a more or less ad-hoc -one off- basis, preferrably using drag and drop.

                  If they are regular returning sessions, as an alternative, one might
                  indeed consider to add the different sessions into 1 folder (under Home/Saved sessions)

                  Then 'right-click -> open' the folder.

                  e.g. foldername : backup office-doc
                  x:\source\xls -> d:\backup1\xls
                  x:\source\xls -> d:\backup2\xls
                  x:\source\doc -> d:\backup1\doc
                  x:\source\doc -> d:\backup2\doc



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                    I'll add these notes, too. Comparing and syncing Multiple Base Folders is something we are aware of, but we're in the middle of a few other large projects right now, so I'm not sure when we'd be looking into adding support. When we do, though, we'll see your notes (and all the others) when we review this entry.
                    Aaron P Scooter Software