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    If you've compared a folder to itself (same folder on both sides), then there are no differences. Everything would be equal since the left and right sides are the exact same location. If you switch to Show All, it should show all of your items with the grey/equal coloring. The default Yellow is used in this limited scenario since we don't need to scan the same folder to itself to see if it is equal, so it begins in an unscanned state.

    The expected workflow is to load two different folders which may or may not be equal. We then align the items inside and compare them. Do you have a pair of folders you need to compare?

    We have some overview tutorial videos which might help explain the core process of loading a comparison and comparing files within, here:
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      I understand that there is no real-world reason to compare a folder to itself, the problem showed up comparing two different folders (all sub-folders show in the list even when identical and set to only show differences). I'm simply comparing the folder to itself as a simple way to reproduce the problem that ensures the folders are identical. Therefore, BC should show NO differences, yet it lists all of the sub-folders.

      But, upon re-testing, it appears that my test case was the problem. It's odd, but comparing a directory to itself gives BC trouble (as noted here). If I duplicate the directory and do the compare between two folders it it now working correctly. Not sure which of the several settings was the one that corrected it now though, because my test case had the anomaly baked in so when it would have started working in the real-world, my test case continued to show false results.
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        If the handling tab options were disabled (to automatically scan specific folders), then top level orphans or subfolders might not be scanned (yellow). Or perhaps you had accidentally opened the same folder twice?
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