When performing many different file/folder functions and queuing them to all occur, it becomes difficult to determine what actions have finished and what are still running. An example is that I am setting up a new server that will host all of our IT software packages (some rather large) and I have manually selected and started multiple copy to right commands. Because some of the selections are larger than others they end out of sequence. I currently have one large copy remaining with no way of distinguishing what it is.

BC3 could have a few good ways to help with this:
  • A partial list ending with "..." to show that there is more selected
  • When you hover over the queued command it displays in a pop-up floating box (like tool-tips do)
  • A status button that opens a queued command list of the actions that are being performed

Any thoughts?

* I just realized that this probably belongs in the folder compare section, can a BB Admin move please?*