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  • Folder compare and masks

    I am using BC3 to compare data folders on my computer to an empty folder on an external drive and then to update the empty folder. of course I do not want certain files and folders compared and copied like the windows, program files...etc folder so I made this folder and file exclusions and the folder compare copied all the folders to my external hard drive. what did I do wrong? is it that I put c:\ , should I have just used the folder name.

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    Filters are relative to the left and right base folders, so you shouldn't include c:\.

    As an example, if you load c:\ as the left base folder, enter "windows" in the Exclude folders list to filter out c:\windows.

    As an alternative to typing file or folder names into the Filters dialog, right click on them in the file and folder tree and select Exclude to filter them.
    Chris K Scooter Software