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BC runs forever when comparing folder tree with bad blocks/bad sectors

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  • BC runs forever when comparing folder tree with bad blocks/bad sectors

    BC works fine here on a 64bit Win7 system for a long time.

    Then I had a hard disk crash which in turn results in a bad block/bad sector on the hard disk.

    After successful restart (partition C: with Win system was not affected) I wanted to compare now the content of partition D: (with a lot of
    big files (> 1 GB)) to a former backup on an external USB hard disk resp to a remote storage
    before reformatting the hard disk or even replacing it completely.

    However BeyondCompare was NOT able to folder compare the directory trees which contain partially content with bad blocks/bad sectors.

    Thats ok - FOR THE critical bad file(s) ONLY. However BC freezes completely. I couldn't even stop or close it or abort process in Task Manager.

    I expected a kind of timeout of BC and skipping to the next file in file copying list.

    Unfortunately BC doesn't. It runs forever (at least more than 3 hours).

    Could you add a "auto-skip files with bad blocks/bad sectors" function in next BC release?

    Thank you

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    BC4 works with the file system and Windows APIs, which if it is not behaving properly can cause poor behavior we can't avoid. If it's hanging while mid-compare during the load (and that is done in a background thread to avoid hanging) for local files, then the OS function is probably badly stumbling over (at least one of) these files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software