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Exclude minor differences from folder view

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  • Exclude minor differences from folder view

    I've defined a collection of minor differences I want to ignore using Session settings (this is on the Mac, BC4). But when I do "Compare contents" all files are listed, including those with minor differences, even though I have "Minor" chosen on the toolbar. It's only when I click on the file itself that I see there are no real differences (the comparison is empty), and when I close the tab after the click I see the wavy equal sign between the two files.
    I want Beyond Compare to show me only files where there are only differences that are more than minor. There are hundreds of files and I don't want to click on each one. How do I do this?

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    In the Folder Compare, click the Rules toolbar button (referee icon).
    In the Comparison tab, check Compare Contents, then select Rules-based comparison and click OK.
    If View > Ignore Unimportant Differences is on, files with unimportant differences in whitespace or comments should show as a match.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I'm running BC4 on a Mac. I don't see a Comparison tab. I see Actions->Compare Contents but no Rules-based comparison option. Searching help doesn't turn up anything either.


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        Could you send in full screen screenshots of your current view? You can post here or email privately to (along with a link back to this forum thread).

        The Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings (same dialog as the Rules button) should have a Comparison tab. However, the Session Settings dialog is context specific, so if you are in a different view (Text Compare, MP3 Compare, etc) it would show different tabs for each.

        The Compare Contents command has a pop-up dialog, where you can select the type of scan (CRC, Binary, or Rules-based). If this dialog has been suppressed (Don't Show Again), you can re-enable it under the Beyond Compare menu -> Preferences dialog; in the File Operations tab, enable "Confirm content compare"
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          The Comparison tab in Session menu -> Session Settings gave me the setting I wanted, thanks.