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Files excluded before date are still being compared?

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  • Files excluded before date are still being compared?

    I've been reading doc & forum posts on this matter, but still don't get it:

    Doc says: "If a file filter determines that a file on one side of the comparison should be hidden but the corresponding file on the other side should be visible, both are made visible and the one that should be hidden will be colored teal (blue-green)."

    OK - but why are the "excluded" files still being compared (I'm using Compare contents: Rules-based comparison)? I thought the whole point of an exclude filter was that (per the doc): "You can exclude files from a folder session based on criteria".

    Can anyone please help me?

    Objective: Compare 2 servers (one windows, one linux) via ftp to both servers, but I only want to compare files modified after 12/31/2017 on the Windows server.

    I was expecting the files older than 1/1/2018 to be marked in teal (if they also exist on the target), but for BC4 to NOT compare anything else other than filename to align. Instead, it is doing a contents file compare (very expensive)...

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    Often, a filter/exclusion will hide both files of an aligned pair. In this case, with both files hidden, the comparison is not performed.

    However, if one file is excluded and one file is included, BC4 has to choose either to value the exclusion or the inclusion. As a rule of thumb, BC4 weighs the inclusion since it can otherwise lead to odd interface quirks or confusion, like attempting to copy over what appears to be blank space. This also means that the aligned pair is still compared, since Display Filters still effect the Included file.

    Adding a sided filter that would exclude both sides if a specific side matches is something on our wishlist. I'll add your Objective/scenario to our notes on the subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the clarification. Any thoughts on how I might accomplish my objective:

      Copy from left to right those files in the left window that have a modified date between a specific date range?


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        We don't have the exclusion style you are looking for, but do you need to Compare left to right, or is the right just a destination? If it is just a destination, you can load just the left and set the filter, then use the Copy To Folder command to copy to a target.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thanks - I think that will do it!


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            Just tried Copy To Folder command, but am getting "Profile not found" (bottom) even though it uses the profile to successfully log in. Any thoughts?

            (btw, if I'm comparing folders between the 2 ftp profiles, there is no problem copying)

            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 331 User OK. Password required
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Sent> PASS ********
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 230 OK. Current restricted directory is /
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Sent> FEAT
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 211-Extensions supported:
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM EPRT
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM IDLE
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM MDTM
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM SIZE
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM MFMT
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM REST STREAM
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM MLST type*;size*;sizd*;modify*;UNIX.mode*;UNIX.uid*;UNI X.gid*;unique*;
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM MLSD
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM AUTH TLS
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM PBSZ
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM PROT
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM UTF8
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM TVFS
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM ESTA
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM PASV
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM EPSV
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM SPSV
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM ESTP
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM 211 End.
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Sent> OPTS UTF8 ON
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 200 OK, UTF-8 enabled
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Sent> TYPE A
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 200 TYPE is now ASCII
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Sent> SYST
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 215 UNIX Type: L8
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Sent> TYPE A
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 200 TYPE is now ASCII
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Sent> PWD
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 257 "/" is your current location
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Sent> REST 1
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 350 Restarting at 1. But we're in ASCII mode
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Sent> REST 0
            4/13/2018 3:25:39 PM Recv> 350 Restarting at 0
            4/13/2018 3:25:40 PM Unable to load profile:BlueIMAGES/: Profile not found: BlueIMAGES/
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              Do you hit this error when trying to use the Browse button in the Copy To Folder dialog? Does this happen trying to double click the profile, or selecting a folder successfully and then trying to "Start" the copy?
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                I select the target profile and then click Start, then I get the error


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                  In the browse dialog, can you expand the server and select a specific sub folder in the tree (still within the browse dialog)?
                  Aaron P Scooter Software


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                    er... missed that! Thanks - I appreciate your timely responses.

                    With Regards-