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Copy updated files to a new folder

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  • Aaron

    You can generate a report of differences using the Folder Compare Report. If you are still in-app, you can also use the Edit menu -> Expand All, Select All Files (shift+arrows to select one side), you can select only different files (filters set to Show Differences to a subset of differences). Once you've selected only the different files, you can use the Copy To Folder command to copy to a separate location.

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  • tla612
    started a topic Copy updated files to a new folder

    Copy updated files to a new folder

    When we deploy our software we do the first release as a complete build (all binaries and text files). All later releases are done as "patches." By a "patch," I mean all of the files that have changed are put into a new file and our load script is updated to reference the files in the patch directory first.

    BeyondCompare can help me identify which files have changed, but can I also use it to create a file containing the names of the changed files as well as copy the changed files into a new directory? I believe I can use the Session -> Folder Compare Report... tool and write a tool to parse the saved file and do the copy, but it would be nice if BC did it for me.