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checksum file compare is stalling

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  • checksum file compare is stalling

    running v3.3.13.19891

    i'm running a file and folder compare (using size, time/datestamp and CRC checksum) to flag differences.
    one drive is in a server, the comparison drive is SATA mounted in a USB shell.
    there's about 1.5 TB of data. folder and file structure is the same, i'm looking for files which have changed.
    once the comparison starts, i hit the Expand All structure so i can see the folder and files, mostly because it's nice to see the file lists move as they process. in this case, however, about 20% into the run, everything seems to stop. the "Stop Loading" button is flashing, the files stop moving, there's no new messages in the window at the bottom, but no files are being processed (the current file at the top of the list is only 2MB so it's not like it's a huge file that's taking time.
    i go out to my computer and access both drives (navigate through folders and open files to make sure the drive hasn't frozen).
    why is BC just sitting there doing nothing? how can i stop and restart it without having to start at the beginning?
    i've never seen BC behave like this.

    Yes Windows patches are up to date
    Yes I have uninstalled BC and reinstalled BC to see if that fixed it.
    Yes I have run error checking scan on the hard drives

    any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

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    How long have you let the scan continue to run? A content scan (CRC) from a local to remote location requires downloading files from the server temporarily to then run the content scan on them. The combination of downloading then scanning 1.5tb of data could take a very long time to complete, and our coloring/scan queue is not strictly top-down; it may be scanning other large files somewhere else in your folder structure if they were popped into the queue during the build step earlier.

    If you would like a progress bar, instead of loading the comparison with the Session Settings enabled and Expand All, instead load a default comparison (size/timestamp only), then perform a Select All + right-click Compare Contents, CRC. This will perform the scan as a foreground task, and present a progress bar indicator. This may also appear to hang if it hits particularly large files to transfer and scan, so give it extra time to finish the task.
    Aaron P Scooter Software