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How to avoid huge memory allocation for Cache/Buffers? 98% load for 8GB RAM memory

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  • How to avoid huge memory allocation for Cache/Buffers? 98% load for 8GB RAM memory

    Sometimes I compare two huge directory trees from local computer with either external USB hard disk or remote computers.

    In Folder Compare pane I then perform big transfers (> 50 GB) of set of files from one side to the other.

    As I noticed Beyond Compares seems to allocate for these transfers (or even comparisons) huge amount of memory.
    In these situations up 98% occupation of my 8GB physical RAM memory are used.

    This is surprising and leads to an instable and slow local (64bit Win 7) system.
    It never happens when I not use BeyondCompare.

    Even worse: When I finished the file transfers and exit BeyondCompare the allocated memory is NOT released any more (even not after 20 minutes idle CPU activity). This is strange!

    Is there a way to tell BeyonfCompare to NOT allocate such huge amounts of memory for internal cache/buffering?
    If this limitation leads to slower transfer speed it would be acceptable as long as there is a singnificant lower memory usage.

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    Which version of Beyond Compare are you currently running (Help menu -> About)? BC3's memory usage should be needing during the transfer and comparison step, but then releases it afterwards on a per file basis. Are the individual files large and might be transferring or content comparing multiple at once?

    What type of connection are you using for "remote computers"? Samba, FTP, or SFTP or FTPS?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      v4.2 64bit

      Yes, files are sometimes large (>10GB =archive & video files) , sometimes small (<1MB)

      network connection are sometimes simple USB connections (to external hard disk through USB cable), sometimes simple TCPIP connections in inhouse LAN.

      The more and the longer I observe the problem I can exclude other reasons.
      No BeyondCompare using --> No problems.

      In the past (I don't remember the excact old BC version) there was no such problem. So it must be part of the newer BC versions.



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        Hello Peter,

        Can you email us at with your from the Help menu -> Support; Export? Please also include a link back to this forum thread.

        There are some configurations, like a rules-based scan, that would use a lot of ram if dealing with 10gb files. We can also email you an older version of BC4 for testing to see if it behaves the same/different on the exact same dataset.
        Aaron P Scooter Software