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Keeping folders on two PC's in sync

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  • Aaron

    Using removable media to keep two PCs in Sync, would the Away PC be changing as you were at the other destination? If it's static, you would only need the Folder Compare, like this:

    If you take a snapshot of a PC, and then both PCs (Current location and the Other location) both change, then you would use the Snapshot as the center/ancestor of a Folder Merge, and merge onto your USB stick as an Output location.

    Do either of these strategies work for your current situation?

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  • gkiers
    started a topic Keeping folders on two PC's in sync

    Keeping folders on two PC's in sync

    HI all,

    Newby here. I was wondering if someone has already tried to keep two huge folders on two PC's in synchron by using the 3-way folder merge in which one of the folders compared against is a Snapshot file?

    I imagine that I carry with me on an USB a Snapshot file of this folder at home, and after a day of work I compare the folder I worked in with the Snapshot on the USB, I assume Beyond Compare can then select for me the files I need to update. I take only these with me and generate a Snapfile file of my work PC folder, so at home I can make the same comparison. This would be a routine thing to do, the USB is only used to store the files changed.

    I imagine it can be done, but I don't want to spend the rest of my day trying this (and failing?).
    Anyone here who has experience with this already?