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    In Windows Explorer, I right-click on a folder and select "Select Left Folder for Compare.
    Then I right-click on a second folder and select "Compare To..."

    Beyond Compare opens.
    The first thing I ALWAYS do is click the "Compare Contents" button and do a rules-based comparison.

    Why is there no shortcut key for Compare Contents? I use this button in just about every session. Am I using this program wrong? Is there a different way I should be comparing two folders full of html files, css files, js files, etc?

    Is there a way to automate these three steps upon doing a folder compare: Compare Contents, Rules-based comparison, Start.

    Thank you.

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    No worries, we have the capability you are looking for.

    The quick solution you are looking for is to set new defaults for the Folder Compare Session Settings. To do this, go to the Home screen, in the saved Sessions list, expand the New folder and select the Folder Compare. Then Edit Defaults, and in the Comparison tab leave the defaults (Timestamp/Size/Override) enabled, and also enable "Content Comparison: Rules-based". Save.

    The new defaults will apply for future folder comparisons and will run the scan on load.

    The Compare Contents command is designed for a selection of files; you can use it on a partial section of the folder, unlike the above Session Settings which always work on the entire folder compare. In the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Toolbars/Etc, you can select view: Folder Compare, and search for Compare Contents. This item is on the menu, in the right click menu, and can be added to the toolbar or assigned a hotkey, if needed.
    Aaron P Scooter Software