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compare several folders to one backup folder

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  • compare several folders to one backup folder

    I want to find a way to compare 7 folders to only one backup folder. In other words the same files on the left are replicated in 7 locations on the HD and all go to the same folder on the backup drive right. The files are all identical. Is there a way to make one single folder compare to do this instead of having 7 folder compares.

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    No, a single folder compare session only supports 1 base folder <-> 1 base folder comparison, comparing all subitems within.

    To compare Folder1 through Folder7 <-> BackupLocation1, you would need 7 different Folder Compare Sessions. Each can be in its own tab:
    Folder1 <> BackupLocation1
    Folder2 <> BackupLocation1
    Folder3 <> BackupLocation1

    Then save the 7 tabs as a single Workspace in the Session menu, to reload all at once. Or save each tab as a Session, and place those sessions in a single session folder on the Home screen. You can right click a session folder to launch all child sessions at once.
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      Thanks. Clunky but that helps speed it up a little.