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BC4 - Compare performance degrades significantly...

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  • BC4 - Compare performance degrades significantly...

    Since BC4's introduction I've noticed a significant performance problem which did not exist in BC3. My system is the same, except, the HD's have been upgraded and are at least 4 times faster. The OS has been rebuilt at least 3 times during this period (BC3 and BC4) under Windows 7 Ultimate and now Windows 10 Professional, both 64-bit, and, yet, I still encounter the exact same performance concern. When initially performing "any" compare (binary) the speed (performance) is as I'd expect. However, shortly thereafter, say, about 30 minutes into the compare the performance moves into snail-mode and there is nothing that can be done to improve once this occurs. In this two drive compare with 7,923 files, BC4 claims about 90 minutes to perform, then, degrades to over 650 minutes over time. Interestingly, if BC4 compare is performed in separate blocks (without restarting BC4) I can compare all 7,923 files in about 90 minutes (provided I'm hovering over BC4 and start the next compare block with the last has finished).

    Are there any detailed 'low level' diagnostic data which the end-user can activate and review which would log the status of BC4 with a granularity from each file to each folder, its memory allocations, disk performance, and everything else which would/could effect performance? I feel like I'm working with a black box and have no idea as to what is the cause, let alone what course of action to take to resolve.

    Thank you!

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    The first, quickest test is to verify a change in BC4/BC3. You can simultaneously install both versions side by side and we host both major version on the website. You can install BC3 from here:

    Do you notice the same behavior in BC 3.3.13? If you try BC4 on the same folder set, what does each version report as the initial time, and how does it slow down?

    My initial hunch is this might be a fragmentation issue or harddrive driver related. Are there any updates or firmware available for your harddrives?
    Aaron P Scooter Software