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  • Aaron

    By default, any file names that have changed will not align and will show as new files on both sides (differences called "orphans").

    BC4 Pro has a featured called Alignment Overrides. You can define a rule which will align a specific difference, such as


    As long as the name change is consistent, you could define a rule like this so the files align and are compared; you could then find any other orphans to find the missing files.

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  • donnib
    started a topic Find missing pictures

    Find missing pictures

    I have two folders. Both with photos, let's call them Y and X. I should have all my photos in X copied from Y but sometimes something goes wrong and some will be missing. I need to find those photos so i can copy them from Y. The catch here is that when the copy from Y to X happens the filename changes from IMG_XXXX.jpg to IMG_XXXX_2.jpg (have not checked but i think it uses _2.jpg all the time).

    Is there a way i can find out the files with BC ?