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Can I use BC4 as file copying tool

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  • Can I use BC4 as file copying tool

    Hi Team
    While searching powerful data copying tools ,I came across BC website & was surprised to see so many advanced features of the program.
    While copying files in windows often error comes that files cannot be copied due to various reasons like long file name / invalid name /files locked etc.
    How BC4 treats these errors? Can I copy locked /protected system files as well ?
    I want to use BC mainly as data copying /backup tool , as I get familiarized with software I can use advanced features like text compare / web integration etc
    Thank you

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    In many cases, BC4 uses the same base copy function as Explorer, but we try to handle things when we can. We can copy paths longer than Explorer supports, but it is generally recommended to fix these paths, as they are unsupported in the OS and many other programs and the OS itself will have trouble with them. BC4 is usually used to help trim paths in these cases, and get data out of inaccessible areas. Locked files are usually locked and will hit a similar error if a copy is attempted. Any files that fail to copy would show as Orphans/differences compared to all of the files that succeeded, so it is generally easy to find them and re-copy. We also log the error in the text log.

    BC4's trial is fully featured and available for any testing. Please note that we do not support an *Undo* command, so it is recommended to test with test data first while learning the software.
    Aaron P Scooter Software