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How Can You Select Certain Folders to Compare?

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  • How Can You Select Certain Folders to Compare?

    How can I compare data in a selected group of folders?

    I have a very large folder that contains hundreds of folders. I need to compare the data from one server to another server but the process stops about 1/3 of the way through. I'm guessing because there is so much data?
    Anyway I need to know if I can select a range of folders to compare, then when that is done, I can select the next range of folders to compare, until I complete all.
    Or is there a way to save where you are and stop the process, then pick it up the next day from where it left off?
    Can anyone help?

    Thank you
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    You can use name filters to split the comparison up into smaller pieces. To filter folders out of the comparison, right click on them and select Exclude. You can also click on the File Filters toolbar button to edit filters.

    You can also type semicolon separated filters directly into the Filters toolbar, then hit Enter to apply them. To limit the comparison to folders starting with A through M, enter the filter -.\[n-z]*\ in the Filters toolbar and hit Enter.
    Chris K Scooter Software