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How to start BC with empty Folder Compare entry fields (for directories at the top)?

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  • How to start BC with empty Folder Compare entry fields (for directories at the top)?

    I want to setup BC v4 for the following mode:

    When I double click on the program then the "Folder Compare" panel should appear
    with EMPTY directory entry fields at the top (left and right).

    Currently the last directories are automatically re-filled and folder comparison is automatically started.

    Hwoever when I click on a profile on the "Home" tab then the folder comparison should start immediately.

    So auto-start comparison should not be disabled completely - only at startup.

    How can I achieve this?

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    The command line switch /fileviewer="Folder Compare" appears to do what you want.


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      Ok, thank you. It looks better.

      But the "filter" entry fields still contains some pattern stuff from previous comparisons/profiles.

      How can I empty it as well?



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        You can reset your default Folder Compare Session Settings on the Home screen, Saved Sessions list, expand the New folder, select the Folder Compare and remove any filtering or configure as needed.

        Or, you can start a new blank folder compare, configure it as needed, then use the Session menu -> Save Workspace. Then go to the Tools menu -> Options dialog, and Startup Section set to Load the saved workspace on startup.
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          I suppose an alternative to changing the defaults, would be to save a named session or workspace with the desired settings, and then specify that session or workspace as a command line parameter.