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Can sync only orphans?

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  • Can sync only orphans?

    Can I sync only orphans? The Synchronize -> Update option is only able to sync both newer & orphans.

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    Sync Update logic is hard coded to sync Newer and Orphan files, similar to Sync Mirror is hard coded to sync any difference *and* delete any orphans in the destination side.

    The Folder Sync session settings has the ability to define a Custom sync, which could Copy Orphan files on the left, but set all other items to Leave Alone.

    In the Folder Compare, to copy only Orphans set the Display Filters to Show Only Orphans. Then use the Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu, Select All Files. Then Shift+Left or right arrow keys to slide the selection to only one side. This should leave you with a selection of only the visible Orphan files on one side. You can now issue a normal Copy command to the other side.
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