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How to copy only last modified dates of folders from source to target dir tree?

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  • How to copy only last modified dates of folders from source to target dir tree?

    Assume I copied a whole directory tree from a backup drive to another hard disk partition.
    For the copy operation I used the Win 7 internal WinExplorer copy feature.

    Unfortunately this means that all folder are created by the copy operation and get the current date (!) and not the original date.

    Now, after some time and various modifications at the new dirtree, I noticed these non-original-folder-last-modified-dates.Is it somehow possible to adjust these folder dates to their original source by using Beyond Compare?

    I could imagine that I can folder compare the two dirtrees and perform a "copy only folder dates" operation.

    Is this possible?

    If necessary the date copying can be covered onto all files as well.

    I want to avoid a re-copying of the whole dirtree inside BeyondCompare since in the meantime various new/added
    files/folders exist which are lost if I perform a copy operation from scratch.

    Thank you

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    First, if you performed the copy of your files/folders with Beyond Compare, you would see the same behavior: folder dates are updated. This is a convention of the Windows copy command and many things can update the folder's timestamp. A folder timestamp is generally unreliable, which is why Beyond Compare only compares file timestamps and not folders. The folder comparison coloring is inherited from the scanned items within the folder, and not the folder itself.

    We do have a Touch command, which can copy just the timestamps from one side to the other. To use it on just folders, you can set the View menu to Always Show Folders, then the exclude all files by updating the Filters toolbar from *.* to -*.*
    Then Expand All (to show all subfolders), Select All, and right-click -> Touch.
    Aaron P Scooter Software