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Can you copy just the updated files to an empty folder?

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  • Can you copy just the updated files to an empty folder?

    Instead of syncing, instead of copying only the updated files from Folder A to Folder B, can you do a folder comparison then copy *just the updated* files to an empty folder?

    And also can you get a text listing of deleted files in Folder A?
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    From a Folder Compare session (not a Folder Sync session), you can set the Display Filters to show only Newer and Orphan files on one side, then use the Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu -> Select All Files (both buttons on the toolbar, too), then Shift+Left and Right arrows to select the side you want to copy to a new empty folder. Then right-click the selection of files (that match your criteria) and Cop To Folder and select a new blank folder to copy to it as a target.

    Deletes are not tracked in BC4. We can load two sides and show Orphans, which are files that don't exist on the other side. It might not exist because the Orphan is a newly created file, or it might not exist because the other side was deleted. Since we don't continually scan, we compare at the time we load the two folders and present the file as an Orphan.
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