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Operate on multiple sessions at once?

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  • Operate on multiple sessions at once?

    I have 20 sessions in a folder.

    Periodically, I need to open all 20 sessions and copy from left to right on each. Right now I do this manually.

    Is there any way to automate this?

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    From the graphical interface, we only support a manual start on each session for a sync.

    If you are using Beyond Compare Scripting, you can configure a script file to load 20 sessions (one after the other) and perform a specific type of sync (for example, sync update:left->right) on each. Script does not support loading a folder name, but could load each session in sequence.

    Which button are you hitting in the graphical interface to "copy from left to right"? Are you using the green Sync Update arrows? Or yellow Copy arrows with specific Display Filters set? Depending on the button used, the script would be slightly different to match the actions you are taking in the graphical interface.

    Scripting documentation is found in the Help file -> Using Beyond Compare, Scripting chapter. Please note there is no preview of script actions, and Undo is not supported. I suggest testing with test folders first while learning how script will interact with your data as there is no way to Undo an action taken by script.
    Aaron P Scooter Software