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How to find out the problem when comparing forever/looping?

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  • How to find out the problem when comparing forever/looping?

    As many times in the past I compared a folder tree on an external hard disk 1 against the corresponding folder tree on an external hard disk 2.

    Since a few days I noticed a problem.
    In folder compare view the red toolbar icon with the white "x" is blinking forever.
    Normally the comparison process is automatically finished after 2 Minutes or so.

    Now how do I find out the problem?

    At first I want to know on which hard disk resp. the connection to which external hard disk causes the problem.

    Moreover a hint at which file BC is looping would be helpful
    But no info is shown.

    How can I find out if it is a simple (NTFS software) format problem or a hardware bad-sector problem?

    Both hard disks are currently mounted as a drive and accessible through Windows explorer (from Win 7).
    So at least 99,99% of all files seem ok.

    Unfortunately there is no progress indicator as well similar to "231551 files of 5324226 files already compared"

    Can I found out somehow if there is still some progress?
    Possibly BC slow down access/read speed because of bad connection/heavy network load.
    ...just an idea

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    If the icon is blinking, then there is still a process in the background that is running. Often this is either a longer-than-expected scan, or we are waiting for a timeout (OS controlled).

    Are either of your external devices accessed over the network? If so, it is likely a timeout and you'll need to wait about 1-2 minutes for the OS to tell us the device is not available. This is generally the same amount of time it takes for Explorer to time out and pop-up its dialog.

    As for a change in behavior, if you double check your Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab, is Rules-based, CRC, or Binary enabled? What colors are the folders in the main comparison, and do any change color from white while you wait? If you wait 10+ minutes, do you see a change?
    Aaron P Scooter Software