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CRC Equal files shows as different

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  • CRC Equal files shows as different

    Hello. Forum search doesnt show any results for world "crc" and im trying to make a new post.
    Im starting to use BC 3 and tries BC 4 trial and everywhere i see one problem.
    I have two FTP servers with different versions of my site. Some files are really different, some are really same (time and size are same) and some files are same in plain text and different in binary becouse of different types f line endings. The column CRC both in left and right parts shows SAME values, but files are marked as different.

    As you can see, the folder "core" contains files marked as different. For example, "DataProviderQuery.class.php". File size are different - 2369 and 2281. CRC values are the same - "BA1EFDE4". Sessions comparison settings are in image too.
    What im doing wrong?

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    Because of the size difference, the files couldn't be exactly equal, even if the CRC codes match. Hence, even if the CRC code matches, we'll flag this as a content difference. When dealing with FTPs and you need to perform a binary comparison, you will need to switch each of the FTP Profile(s), Transfer tab, to always use Binary transfers. This way the line ending character is preserved during the transfer. This would keep the same line endings during a copy, which would keep the sizes the same. The CRC code may be generated from a temp download (which would apply the transfer type) or directly reported from the FTP server if it supports the xCRC command.
    Aaron P Scooter Software