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  • Compare files from within Different Directories

    I have 2 drives with the identical files, but not the same directory structure. Is it possible to compare the 2 drives to verify they contain the same files?

    I have been trying but if a file is in d:\ and also in e:\example\ I don't seem to be able to get BC to search deeper into the e:\example directory to find the file.

    In Session Settings-Handling, both "Automatically scan subfolders in background" & "Automatically scan top-level orphan subfolders" are checked.

    Thank you for your help!

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    By default, our view mode will compare Folder Structure and File Name for the alignment. Once aligned, the pairs of aligned files are then compared using the configured criteria. The alignment must be done first before the compare can run.

    We do have one view mode which is in the View menu -> Ignore Folder Structure (also on the Toolbar). This removes all folders and places the files in a single large list, and aligns by only file name. This is likely the feature you are looking for, but with two things to keep in mind:
    1) For an entire hdd, this would be a very large list and will take awhile to generate. We must visit and scan every folder, build the list of every file, then present it.
    2) Duplicate file names. If there are any files that have the same name in different subfolders (like Readme.txt), this view mode does not handle duplicates. This is because we must align first, then compare, and cannot determine which is the 'correct' match until after the scan.

    I would suggest breaking your comparison into smaller parts, working on specific subfolders, to help with both of these.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The Ignore File Structure did the trick! Is there a Preview mode for all files instead of clicking on each one?


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        I believe this is similar to your previous (bc2?) question: in BC3 if you go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab, leave Timestamp, Size, and Override Quick Results enabled. Then also enable the Content Compare: Rules-based to run the same scan as double clicking, but for all file pairs.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Aligning Different Files in Different Folder Structures but know file extensions

          Hi Team,

          We have a situation where we need to save session with alignment to compare Folder A with Folder B.
          Within Folder A there are folders A1 to An and similarly B1 to Bn.
          Each such subfolder have some files ending in js/html/css in A subfolders and ts/html/css/scss/ts.specs in B subfolders.
          We need to compare js with ts, html with html, css with css out of this in aligned manner.
          Please let us know how to do so.

          Doing a POC, when we tried to align NG/test/abc.js with NGX/test1/def.js it did not worked. Session has to be a Directory Compare session at NG >> NGX level.



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            Using the BC4 Pro feature, Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Misc tab, and create a new Alignment Overrides. Here you can define various rules to help align specific names to other names. Define each rule, and then Save the session for future use. You can test this with the fully functional trial:
            Or if already registered for Std, you can test it here:
            Aaron P Scooter Software