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Care only about "is the text different" (not timestamp)

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  • Care only about "is the text different" (not timestamp)


    I have to folders which I am comparing using Folder Compare. Both folders have subfolders and files.

    A difference in modification time really does not concern me. All I want to know is if the textual contents of the same file appearing in each folder is different.

    Folder Compare > File Filter > Comparison Tab > Uncheck "Compare timestamps"

    Does this mean only the size of each file will be compared? What happens if I have a file found in each folder, with the same size, but different text - - how will beyond compare pick this up?

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    The default settings compare file size and modified timestamp. If you uncheck timestamp, then only file size is compared. If sizes are the same but text contents are different, it will not be detected.

    To detect this difference, select "Session > Session Settings" or click the Rules toolbar button (referee icon). Go to the Comparison tab. Check "Compare Contents" and select "Rules-based comparison". This will compare the text contents of all files and display the comparison results as = or not = icons in the center column of the Folder Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software