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Impact of 2012 Deduplication on folder compare

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  • Impact of 2012 Deduplication on folder compare

    I'm currently running 2 servers in a DFS replication and from time to time we use Beyond Compare to validate all files are being replicated properly. We've now enabled Data Deduplication found in Server 2012 R2. Now when I do a folder comparison, it shows shows that there are blue orphans on each side with the same filename, modified time and size. Appears to me that one server deduped the file and the other hasn't gotten there yet, but I can imagine we'd see a constant flux in which server has deduped what files. Has anyone else run into a similar situation and had a solution?

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    Beyond Compare 3.3.12 should automatically line up a full file with the deduplicated version in the Folder Compare.

    Earlier versions of Beyond Compare incorrectly detected deduplicated files as symbolic links and wouldn't align them with regular files of the same name. As a workaround in the earlier versions, select "Session > Session Settings". In the Handling tab, check "Follow symbolic links".
    Chris K Scooter Software