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    I have 50 folders to compare. Each folder has multiple files.

    For the first time I am ready to manually company every folder/file one by one and will define key columns/standard column etc.

    However, how can I make beyond compare remember all these different rules for different folders/files, so that next time when I reload same files beyond compare can remember the rules.

    Can anyone confirm if above is achievable using Beyond compare?


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    If you are in a Folder Compare session, use the Session menu -> Save Session. Then double click a pair of aligned files to launch a child (Data Compare) session. From here, go to the Session menu -> Session Settings and alter the settings as needed. Notice the dropdown control at the bottom of this dialog: "Use for this view only" and update to "Use for these files in parent session" (or use for all files in parent session). Then go back and re-save the Folder Compare.

    Now, test by relaunch the Folder Compare, and it should maintain the saved child compare session settings. You can then do this for each pair of child compare sessions needed.
    Aaron P Scooter Software