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Untangeling duplicated files in a folder tree

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  • Untangeling duplicated files in a folder tree

    My spouse started "sorting" her pictures by copying files into new folders. Now I have the same picture of the cat in four folders -- the original from the camera, one for the date, one for all cats, and another for just our cat.

    For example, the original is in 'pictures\iphone\dcim\842GGLUF' and she made copies in 'pictures\cats', 'pictures\cats\our cats', and 'pictures\2014\Feb'.

    All files have the same name/size (and probably the same date). All folders are in the same tree, but not necessarily at the same level.

    Can someone suggest how BC3pro can find all the folders where the duplicated files live?


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    As a start, you might try viewing the files w/o regard to folders.
    View->Ignore Folder Structure while on a base folder containing all the 'sorted' folders

    This list of all the files can then be sorted by name/date/size.


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      Bob's solution is likely the best Beyond Compare can offer at this time. We don't support a true duplicate finder solution, but can remove the folder structure and sort by name or size (always aligned by name).
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Thank you gentlemen.