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Sometimes Synching correctly but after Two sides out of syncnot Synching

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  • Sometimes Synching correctly but after Two sides out of syncnot Synching

    I am not sure if that's a bug or something i do wrong ...

    Sometimes, when I sync folders, the files (and subfolders) are synced correctly, but some subfolders and files will appear double on the side I sync to, one time in color good / synced (black) one time in color new (blue).

    Refreshing does not help.

    Closing the session and openning it again solves the problem but is very inconvenient.

    It seems that problem arises specifically with smaller files.

    Is there anything I do wrong or is it a (know) bug?

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    This is not a known bug, and might be specific to the type of device you are syncing to. What is the destination device? If you perform a Full Refresh (Ctrl+F5) does this refresh and show the correct information? If you double check the destination in Explorer, does this show only one copy of the file?

    The Black and Blue coloring: if a file is aligned and equal, it would be black; if it is not aligned (because we can only align one pair, or has a different name) then it would be blue.

    Also, which version of BC3 are you currently running? Is it the latest BC 3.3.10 release? All 3.x updates are free for 3.x users.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I use v3.0.14 - will look for a point update.

      Yes, in Explorer, the files are there - only once.

      As I said, if i close the session and re-open, all is fine again.

      So, physically, the transfer is correct but the representation in BC is false.

      It happens on sync of all kinds of devices:

      on one pc from folder to folder, , from HD to HD, from SSD to HD, from HD to network drive ... to me (I am a software developer also) it looks like an internal list-sync problem ...

      As said, I will try a new release now was not aware that there are newer ones.


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        Thanks for verifying with those troubleshooting steps. Please do try the update to see if this is a resolved issue, or if it still reproduces.

        We have an option in Tools menu -> Options dialog to notify/check for updates every 7 days. You can also trigger a manual check in the Help menu -> Check for Updates, or by going to our website. 3.0.14 is from Jan 2009, so I suspect the Check for Updates is blocked by a firewall or related on your system.
        Aaron P Scooter Software