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  • Sync Option (V2 ... where in V3)

    sorry to still use V3 ... (still using V2 sometimes)

    I have a problem as I cannot find the sync options that were available in V2.

    I want V3 to sync only the selected parts to avoid overwriting files that I do not see at the moment.

    Can anyone direct me how to do that in V3?

    The yellow arraow obviously copys ANY file and when I press the green arrows, it starts to synch the whole tree currently open ...


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    The "Only affect visible files" option from Beyond Compare 2 is not available in Beyond Compare 3.

    In Beyond Compare 3, the replacement feature is the "Just Selection" check box in the confirmation dialog for the Folder Compare's "Actions > Synchronize" commands. With the box checked, the commands only affect selected files and folders. The box is checked by default and the state is sticky.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      First: Thanks for the quiclk reply!

      Of course itÄs toio late to change such, but form a user experience, not a good idea to throw away properties forms. Would have recommended this to be there as a "backwards compatibility".

      How can I achieve the "sync to right" "sync to left" different checks (newer right-left, only right-left, diff, same), that was possible in V2? This was a great feature to allow for diffferent synchs.

      (I know I can find out): Is it sticky for:
      - the session time (not stored in "Save Session")
      - the session "forever"
      - workspace

      Thanks again!


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        In the Folder Sync session, which works on the full directory structure, the sync actions can be customized in the Session Settings, Sync tab (similar to the BC2 options). However, this is not selection based. The "Update" tool itself cannot be customized, so instead I would recommend using Display Filters: Toggles, and then copying the specific criteria.

        The sticky state is global, and is not saved as part of a session. You would check the box if it needs to be toggled. The Folder Compare Synchronize tool is more like advanced Copy, Move, etc. Would it be a better strategy to use the Exclude command to remove specific items from a Folder Sync session, then perform a customized sync on the remaining items?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I will rethink your advise ... but folder sync was "too brutal" for me so far. That'S why I was not aware of these settings in the Folder Sync Session.

          As being an "old" BC 2 user (I use BC since ... 200x with x<5) and a programmer, I mostly use the Folder Compare as in 99% of all time I do very selective sync and use a step-by-step method (such as programmer's do ... just that portion of the new source now, test it, if gone nuts, copy back in a second session from the repo, if works, copy the next portion ...

          The Filters I used to stop using as the color scheme when disabling a filter does not show "newer" etc. (red, blue, black) but just one color which is a big disadvantage from my point if view (and the way I work, maybe). From my point of view, it would be better to use just the tags and maybe another background color in this light blue for filtered files and do the rest in the "regular" color scheme.

          Is there any particular reason why not also give a Folder Compare these Settings?

          I very much used them because I do very often "left-to-right" sync differently to "right-to-left" sync. One side is my "life machine" and from that, I usually do only sync back data, while from the development machine, I (as said above: VERY SELECTIVELY AND STEP BY STEP) I sync program (PHP, Python, JAVA) code.



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            We might have some alternate options to help.

            For one, you can switch to Display Filters: Toggles, which gives very precise display filtering. You can then show only files of a specific color or criteria, then act on those files. You can also temporarily enable Suppress Filters, which brings back and shows all 'excluded' items in a teal color.

            This could allow a manual 'sync', with specific selection of files and then using the Copy or Sync Update command. The goal is to have only the files you wish to copy be selected. This can be done by Expanding certain folders, with certain filtering present, and using the Edit menu -> Select All Files command (or manual selection).

            The Folder Sync session might still meet your needs if you can set a File Name filter of the files (PHP, JAVA, ETC) but if not, using a Folder Compare would be better for a selective sync.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              I tried those but for the work I am doing "mankind" ist the best filter, I fear as there are not such rules that I could formulate either.


              three PC's (virtual setup): coding, test#1, test#2. test#2 holds only the "tested and oked files", test#1 is the "life test server" and coding is the one you are codinga and testing while coding.

              You have 2000 files with a broad variety of names and subfolder structure. Typically, you work on, say, 10-20 files a day.

              There are "base classes" and there are "device classes", there are application files, testing files, shortterm- longterm- and machine- parameterfiles and so on. Parameterfiles will likely be mutifold, i.e. per application or per device class ...

              Machine parameter types might be newer on your Test-Server(s) (and live Servers) than your coding machine, which allows for "not copy & sync" which is good as they contain machine specific paths, properties etc.

              Now, if you change soemthing in a base class, you will supposedly do that by changing 10 files and additionally ( in the first shoot) change two files in a device class (you wanna test first) and you create 5 new application files. Now you will, from coding to test#1:

              - copy 15 files from three different directories (the newer ones, but in total there are 25 newer ones)
              - one complete (new?) subdirectory (the device)
              - 5 selective files form the apps folder

              Filenames? different ... all common is that I will copy from left to right and the files are newer than on the test server ... no problem here, as I go "hand selected".

              BUT, If you find out, it's all crap and I just want to rewind to what was exactly before the last sync:

              Go to the next sync tab and copy the whole structure from test server#2 with the former whole structure which means you need to "overwrite all existent files also by older ones". leave the "new" device subfolder simply untouched as it contains stuff that older code never used (orphans now for the time being but come alive next sync again).

              Here, the BC2 sync options come into game - by copying "right to left". With:
              - copy older files from right to left, overwriting newer ones. Exclude a number of named files (the parameters). Do NOT copy newer files ...

              Today, I need toi change them but the will alpply to all my copies in that session.

              IN BC2, I had different sessions for that, having different sync settings, using them left-to-right and right-to-left for different approaches (overwriting).

              In BC3, ... mhhh.

              and: yes, I am using BC to "replace" kinda check-in check-out system ...
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                Sorry for the delay. It sounds like you could Exclude the device subfolder, then use either the Copy command or Mirror command on a selection to perform the copy back. Are there other subfolders or items you would need to Exclude first before performing the mirror (to prevent them from being deleted or copied)?

                Something else that might help: if you have a copy of a common Ancestor that you grab when you initially check out your Coding directory, you could use our new Folder Merge view in BC4 (beta). The center folder pane would be this common ancestor, the left could be Coding, and the Right would be Testing1 or Testing2, depending on which you want to compare to. Run a Rules-based content comparison, and you could more easily merge changes in either direction, or to a 4th location for additional testing.
                The common ancestor folder would be a fresh copy of what you intend to edit brought down from Testing1 or Testing2 before you make any edits; it is then a common historical point that both Coding and Testing1 or 2 is derived from.
                Aaron P Scooter Software