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Folder Compare failure

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  • Folder Compare failure

    I am trying to do a reliable folder comparison on my local disk drive. I have navigated to Folder Compare -> Session Settings and selected "Compare Contents - binary". Override quick test results is selected. Effectively, I want to know when any of my source files are different between two folders.

    Yesterday, I cloned my source tree (control C, Control V) before making changes. So, I now have "Source" and "Copy of Source". I know there are changes. If I do a file compare on one particular file, I see the deltas.

    If I do a folder compare, I have no differences detected.


    I changed the search to compare file sizes. Still nothing.

    fwiw, this is on a Windows XP VM running on a Windows 7 64 bit system.

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    If you expand your folders, do you see the content compare icon populated between pairs of files? This icon signifies that the scan ran and returns that scans results (which, in the Session Settings can 'override' the quick results like timestamp/size).

    Could we get a full screen screenshot of the comparison showing files that are equal in the folder view but then not equal when you view them in the text compare when you double click on them? You can post here or email us directly at with a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Okay, I own this one. Turns out I had a completely bogus Filter entry. What I had was "*.cpp.*.h,*.rc" which should have been "*.cpp;*.h;*.rc"

      Correcting the entry yields me expected results.

      Y'all be careful out there....


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        Ah, yes, that would do it.

        One trick to help troubleshoot something that isn't appearing that you think should: enable the Suppress Filters toggle in the toolbar. This can suppress any filter (display filters, file name filters, etc) and will show all your items if they are present in a teal (suppressed) color.

        If enabling the toggle makes the files appear, then there is currently a filter set that is intentionally hiding them.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Okay, that becomes clearer... just a minor nit - I looked all over for "Suppress Filters". Turns out it's the Peek / Slash button. If you hover over this button, you'll get a balloon that says "Suppress Filters" but it took me a while to find that