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  • copy large files / progress display


    I'm often using Beyond Compare to copy folders full of large files (multi-GB.) Here I've noted that the progress report on file copy is a little confusing: The display "done / total" (e.g. "3.2 GB / 4.7 GB") goes up to maximum ("4.7 GB / 4.7 GB"), then stays there for a long time before moving to the next file.

    Watching memory usage it seems that the counting-up is done as long as BC is loading the source file into memory, then while emptying the memory (writing the file to target) the count doesn't change any more.

    Could this be changed? If needs be, the other way round would appear more useful to me (stay at zero while loading-to-memory, then count while writing-to-target) but I guess counting the total (50% progress would mean the file is fully loaded, but nothing has been written yet) would be optimal.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. Our progress reporting is something we're always tweaking a bit, and I'll add these notes to investigate next time we take a look into it.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      While you're in there, please take into consideration single big files vs lots of little files. I occasionally do a sync with one big file (~650 MB) and a bunch of small files (~1000 files between 100 bytes and 10 MB).

      The estimated time display only cares about MBytes left and ignores the time required to create / update each file. This is particularly noticeable when copying to a flash drive (at least on Windows) as file creation seems to take longer each time you're working in a new directory (a bunch of small files in the same directory copies pretty quickly).