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very slow to copy files from local drive TO VMWARE server

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  • very slow to copy files from local drive TO VMWARE server

    I am experiencing a weird problem.

    I have a vmware windows 2008 R2 server that is on the network.

    I mapped a drive on my local laptop to a share on that vmware server.

    Running folder compare between laptop's(win 7) local drive and vmware server drive.

    Reading for compare goes fairly fast.

    Once I start copying differences using B3C from local to VMware's drive it takes forever.

    Copying the other way from VMware's drive to local drive copies a lot (100 times) faster.

    windows explorer, total commander both copy files / folders back and forth at the same normal speed.

    it is just b3c copies files very slow and only in one direction (from local drive to vmware drive).

    does someone have any ideas? Thanks

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    BC3's copy uses the same basic method as Windows Explorer to perform the copy. Sometimes caching can be an issue when comparing (slow initially in BC3, then faster in Explorer); if you recopy the exact same files a 3rd time using BC3, what is the performance like?

    Roughly how big is your test case (size of files, number of files) and how much time are you seeing it take for BC3 to copy vs Windows Explorer?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      slow copy test video

      I posted a video for you:

      V: mapped to vmware share

      1. as you can see in the first copy attempt from C: to V: it takes a while to copy 2 files 42Mb each.

      2. V: to C: copy goes fast

      3. Explorer copy C: to V: goes fast too.


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        Which version of VMWare are you running, and does your VM have the latest VMWare Tools installed? I tested this on my own VMware test environment (v10, with a Win7 VM) and didn't encounter the same weird pause at the end of the transfer you are seeing.
        Aaron P Scooter Software