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  • Ignore symbolic links

    I'm using "Folder Compare" to do my backups to a local external hard disk and a cloud service.

    I've nicely set up my file and folder exclusions and that all works nicely - except for two things, the second one being:

    I have a number of directories that are symbolic links to other directories (and I also have a handful of files that are symbolic links). Now I did see an option that says "Follow symbolic link" - I'd actually like to have an option to do the opposite - ignore those and don't show them in the file/folder compare window at all.

    I can see options for excluding files based on their DOS attributes like "read-only", "hidden" etc. - but I cannot seem to find an option to tell BC3 to skip/ignore symbolic links (both for directories as well as files).

    Any ideas? Thoughts? Hidden options?

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    Thanks for writing in. We do not currently support excluding items if they are symbolic links, but this is on our wishlist. In the meantime, you would need to create File Name filters and exclude them manually (using the Filters dialog, or selecting them, right-click, and Exclude).

    I don't recommend using Ignore, since this will only temporarily Ignore the difference status until the next Refresh.
    Aaron P Scooter Software