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Why are unimportant differences ignored in folder view

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  • Why are unimportant differences ignored in folder view

    I have defined a custom file format with certain grammar elements, and set it to use "Text Compare" for these files comparison. I also unmarked all these grammar elements from the list of important differences in "Session Settings" selected "Update Session Defaults" and clicked Ok.

    However, a folder compare view for files in this format still shows file names in red (i.e. with differences).

    The format seems to be recognized, since when I click on a pair of files they compare as identical (minus unimportant differences) in file view, and when I return to the folder view the color of their names changes to black (i.e. no differences).

    I tried to "Refresh" folder comparison, but it still shows all file names in red.

    As it is, I have to compare this format file-by-file, which makes for very unproductive use of BC3.

    How do I set BC3 to ignore files unimportant differences at folder view?

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    The Folder Compare defaults to only a timestamp and size comparison, but this is configurable.

    If you double click and view, this will perform the rules-based scan and pass this back up to the main Folder Compare view. If you select specific files and run a Content Compare, or update the Folder Compare's Session Settings to perform a rules-based scan on all files, this will also be used.

    Go to the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, and in the Comparison tab, leave Timestamp, Size, and Override Quick Tests enabled. Also enable Rules-based content scan.

    For more information, please see this KB article:

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software