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Can't list more than 32 files per folder on OS X 10.9 share

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    Thanks for the screenshot. BC3 might be having trouble with a specific subfolder/file. If you expand Auto-Moto, there is likely a blank folder (that contains a blank folder that contains a blank folder, etc). If you compare the structure we are displaying to the structure in Explorer, can you determine the file path of the blank folder (which might actually be a file or folder in Explorer) that we aren't displaying properly?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The same...

      Hi there!

      I have exactly the same problem for my part...

      See the screenshot attached ;-)

      Thanks for your support!


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        Thanks for the report. Are you able to follow the same steps listed above? BC4 might be having difficulties parsing a specific folder; we need to determine the path that is giving us trouble. By process of elimination, do you know which folder is the one being represented by the nested-empty folders if you compare the folders that display in BC with the folders displayed in Explorer?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hey, thanks for your answer ;-)

          Well here's the thing... I'm using BC3 primarily to compare my music lybrary between W8 and the last version of MacOS. Everything's fine until BC comes to the folder "Black Sabbath". But, see what happen, by displaying it through the explorer, in that folder:

          No blank folder at all but inside it, 35 folders to compare... Now, see what happen when I put a filter on this folder to exclude it from the process:

          The nearest folders are now OK but the problem finish to reappear on another one (here "David Bowie" folder which not contains any blank folder as well but also 35 others to compare):

          I don't know how to solve it and I hope I was clear cause I'm a French user of BC.

          Anyway, I hope we'll find a solution! Thanks again!
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            To verify, if you remove the black sabbath filter, does the david bowie folder then work? Or did it have trouble independently of the -black sabbath\ filter?

            If you use the dir command on the command line on Black Sabbath\, could we get that log? You can post here or email us at If you email, please include a link to this forum thread.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              When I remove the filter, David Bowie still not working...

              In my case, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Various Artist (very good artist isn't it? ;-) ) are the folders for which I have the problem, whatever filters I put. They seems to contain too much sub folders...

              Concerning the log, do you mean the file called BCLogTrace? I'm not sure of what you're talking about and that file seems too heavy to put it here on the forum (and it's just a log that contains no important information according to me)...
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                Please feel free to email us if you are hitting any kind of limitations on posting attachments, just include a link back to the forum thread so we can track the issue.

                The log I mention above is something you can generate using the "dir" command on a trouble folder from your Command Line. You can launch the "Command Line" program or cmd.exe, then type in:
                dir "q:\music\itunes\itunesmedia\black sabbath" (assuming this is the text that Windows Explorer expands out to, you can copy paste by clicking in the Location bar to get the exact text after you've navigated to the location in Windows Explorer).

                One dir for each side of the compare should help us find the difference in how the folders are being passed back for Black Sabbath, which likely contains at least 1 trouble subfolder.
                Aaron P Scooter Software


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                  Hello again!

                  Thanks for your answers (it helps me to understand a little bit more my computer)... So, here's the result (hope this is what you was expecting for):

                  Am I good?


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                    Thanks. Now, if you take a screenshot of the Black Sabbath folder in BC3, without the empty folder expanded, so we can see the list of other subfolders that exist in there, we can then compare the list of the subfolders we do display to the list of this DIR command, and determine which is the trouble folder.
                    Aaron P Scooter Software


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                      Well, I'm on my way to give you that screenshot but comparing my folders take a lot of time. Besides, when I try to develop/ reduce the folders during BC process, I have a bug (see report mailed to your address).

                      I keep trying ;-)


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                        Well, here's the screenshot I can give you. Hope it will help you (for my part, not at all ;-) ).


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                          Almost. We need you to collapse the folders that are visible within BC3 for now, so we can see (roughly) the same list that is presented in DIR.

                          What the hunch is: there will be a folder showing in the DIR listing that isn't present in BC3. That is then the trouble folder which then displays as empty and infinitely loops. We just need to track down which Black Sabbath subfolder that is, and then determine why DIR/Explorer can handle it, but we are having trouble.

                          So, no expanded file listings are needed (for now)
                          Aaron P Scooter Software


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                            Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding

                            Better this way?


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                              Of course, while we greatly appreciate the work it took to get, these pictures turned out to not contain the key information we needed. I went through and verified that each folder in DIR also appears in BC3. It seems that empty folder is some *additional* entry that isn't displayed anywhere in Explorer.

                              Let's try another test:

                              In BC3, set Black Sabbath as the base folder, then expand a few levels deep, Select All, leaving you with a selection of the Black Sabbath contents (including the empty folders).

                              Then right click and Copy Filename.

                              Now, go to Tools -> Text Edit, and Paste. Then use the File menu -> Save File As, and save it to your Desktop. Make sure the Encoding is set to "UTF-8". Could you then email us this file to (along with a link back to this forum thread)?
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                              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                                When I put the folder "Black Sabbath" as a base folder like you said, I have no more the problem... Look:

                                So it seem that the problem only appear with a global comparison of the whole folder!

                                ... Strange isn't it?