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  • 2 ClearCase Issues

    Hi all. I'm trying to implement BC2 at the company I work.
    1. There's this command "clearfsimport", where it updates a source folder into a destination folder (adding new elements and removing obsoletes).
    I'm using BC2 pretty much like clearfsimport, but when I sync, it doesn't remove the orphans under source control, I must click on "remove from source control". It's no big deal, but if it was automatic, it would be more used with ClearCase.
    2. In this same situation, if I copy or move an orphan file to the other side (under a ClearCase view), BC2 doesn't add this file to the repository, just copy it as a private file. I have to put each new file under source control manually.

    With these 2 issues, is there a solution, or it's not a functionality designed for BC2? If it isn't, will it be in a future release?
    - Daniel

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    Re: 2 ClearCase Issues


    Beyond Compare 2 doesn't support automatically adding or removing files from ClearCase version control with the copy, sync, or delete commands. You'll need need to use the Actions|Source Control menu instead.

    We would like to add support for loading a repository as a folder and using the sync or copy commands to update, add, or remove files in a future version of Beyond Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software