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  • Clearcase: viewing multiple views


    I have a workaround for viewing more than one view in BC 2.4 with version control support:

    If you try to add the Clearcase base drive (ususally M:\) to 'Tools/Options/Source Control' you get the cc-error message 'Project must be in a view.'

    The following steps will solve this problem:
    <ul type="square">[*](1) 'net use /d M:'[*](2) 'net use M: \\view\any_view'[*](3) Add M: to 'Tools/Options/Source Control'[*](4) 'net use /d M:'[*](5) 'net use M: \\view\'[/list]
    If (1) fails, you have to change 'Drive Letter' in 'Clearcase Properties - MVFS'-tab from 'M' to any free drive first. Perhaps its useful to stop clearcase before, I don't know. Of course you have to restore clearcase properties afterwards.

    Now you get access to M: with all views as subdirectories with full version control support of BC.

    Greetings Lutz
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