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  • Overview and FAQs

    This forum is intended for all version control related questions and comments, which includes both integrating BC into other version control systems and using the version control systems using the SCC support introduced in 2.4 or using external "open with" commands.

    To help fellow users, if you have questions or comments please post them in the forum, rather than emailing support. If you've gotten a particular VCS working let us know. We would also appreciate any posts that give instructions on setting up specific VCS systems, past what we cover in our knowledge base. We will update this post as new information is available.

    Knowledge Base articles

    VCS specific SCC information
    • Code Co-op integrates automatically, so no setup should be necessary
    • CVS
    • FreeVCS/JediVCS does not support SCC integration.
    • TeamCoherence
    • Subversion
    • SourceGear Vault v3.0+ works, v2.0.6 does not.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What does the SCC integration do?
      It allows Beyond Compare to ask the version control system for the status of each file (checked in, checked out, not under source control, etc.), adds Check In, Check Out, and Undo Check Out commands to the file viewer menus, and a Source Control menu to the folder viewer with those and various other commands.
    2. Does the SCC integration allow BC to compare a local directory with the same version in the repository?
      No. The SCC integration adds check-in and check-out commands to directories that are already under version control, but if you want to compare a directory with your copy to the latest version in the repository you'll need to check out a second copy. We are planning on supporting this in a future version (not v3).
    3. Can Beyond Compare perform automatic merges and/or 3-way comparisons?
      No. Beyond Compare is currently limited to comparing two files at a time. If you want to use it as an external merge tool you can use the /mergeoutput=<filename> command line switch to tell BC where to save the output file, but you'll have to make the changes to one of the comparison panes yourself. We are planning on supporting this in v3.
    4. What version control systems does Beyond Compare support?
      Most version control systems, besides SourceSafe 6 and earlier, can use Beyond Compare as the external comparison tool. We have detailed instructions for setting them up in the Using BC with Version Control Systems knowledge base article.

      Beyond Compare's SCC integration should support any version control system that can integrates with Visual Studio. Generic setup instructions are available in the SCC Version Control Information knowledge base article. We don't have detailed instructions for any systems yet, but I have set up and done some testing with the following VCS systems: Code Co-op, CVS (PushOK), TeamCoherence, QVCS, Perforce, Visual SourceSafe, StarTeam, Surround SCM, and CS-RCS. At least one customer has gotten it working with ClearCase. I have not tested AllChange, Ration ClearCase, SourceOffsite, SourceGear Vault, MKS Source Integrity, VisualAge TeamConnection, PVCS (aka Merant/Serena Professional), CM Synergy (aka Continuus), or CA Harvest, though they should all work. QVCS and CS-RCS both need to be set up in BC, but the "Configure" button won't open a dialog like the other VCS systems do.
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