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  • ZoŽ
    Re: CVS on BC

    If the path you enter in BC already has CVS info in it Jalindi will read the CVSROOT from that and will just silently complete the operation. If BC adds the directory and project without prompt that's what happened. If the directory doesn't exist or doesn't have CVS info Jalindi will prompt for the CVSROOT and module name. AFAICT, it doesn't support the command used for the "Configure" button.

    Once that's done if you load a folder comparison you can turn on the "Status" column to see the status of each file, and the status should show up in the file viewer too. If you want to compare that directory to another one you'll need to make a second copy of the repository. We don't support comparing directly into the repository yet, since that will be completely different for each VCS.

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    Guest replied
    Re: CVS on BC

    Oops, just found your post.
    I tried
    BC accepts it, but how is it supposed to work?
    Does it need the working dir with or without CVS info?
    Why doesn't it compare to anything?

    Log looks like this, with alle <path> the same:
    Jalindi Igloo Log File, 1.03
    Program called by Beyond Compare
    Module: None Specified, Local Path: <path>, CVS Root: None Specified
    Opening project CCBIB-Web, <path>, 
    Jalindi Igloo version 1.03, CVSROOT is not set 
    Opened CVS project: CCBIB-Web - local <path> - project path <path>
    Project root: <cvsroot>
    Closing project CCBIB-Web

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    Guest started a topic CVS on BC

    CVS on BC


    which software do I need to close the gap between SSC and CVS?
    ... to make BC use CVS repositories?